Pinewood Derby Win!


Pinewood Derby2

After this year, I will only have one more chance to build a Pinewood Derby car with my Cub Scout aged boys. I always try and build what they want so when my youngest son asked to build something “Mindcraft,” I had to try and make it work.

I was really proud as I watched his mind working through exactly what he wanted in a Creeper Car. He loosely drew out the profile and we found an image online to put on as a skin for the design and here are the results.

When it comes to winning, I haven’t ever figured out how to do that. There are always more skilled racers. In fact, I think in all the years I have been building these with my boys, we always seem to come in EXACTLY average. Last year there were 26 cars and we were 13th. This year there were 22 and we took the 11th spot.

Luckily it’s not about the results, but the journey to get there.

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